I’m Dr. Lindsay Martens. I’ve been in practice as a Naturopathic Doctor since 2006. I adore working with women to help them understand their bodies, their unique rhythms, and soul connection… more

Your {re}connecting meditation

I’ve created a meditation just for you.

It will guide you back to your breath + body, creating a quiet space for you to fully tune back in + turn back on.

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Empowered fertility and hormonal balancing designed for women by a woman

Most studies on nutrition, sleep and health were based on male bodies.  Those studies do a great disservice to women because they assume that female bodies just perform the same. 

They don’t.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to stop feeling like your body is wrong and reclaim your connection with your bodies innate wisdom and rhythms?  

Whether you’re actively trying to get pregnant or you’re feeling like something is “off” with your body and just you want to get off the hormonal roller coaster.

I teach women to understand their unique hormonal rhythms that affect your physical health, mood, energy and emotions.  When you get this deeply acquainted with your body, you know exactly what self care or nourishment looks like for you.